Bite Me!

A Perfect Start

From Top Left:
LUCKHIN NUEX (Beef meatballs) served with Thai chilli sauce. TAD MUN GOONG (Breaded Thai shrimp cakes) served with sweet chilli sauce.

From Bottom Left:
LUKCHIN GAI(Chicken meatballs) served with Thai chilli sauce. K-WINGS (Fried chicken wings) tossed with special Korean sauce.

Enjoy Life Enjoy Dodo

Handcrafted Dim Sum



Radish Cake
Dodo Style

Pan Fried
Radish Cake

Spring Rolls

Black Pepper
Crispy Wonton

Taro Pie

Five Spice
Beancurd Rolls

Woh Tip

Prawn Beancurd

Yam Puff

Street Food

Thai Classics

Crispy catfish flakes with peanuts and chili served with mango salsa

Traditional Thai style fried rice

Chicken in coconut milk soup

Stir fried spicy beef and long beans

Minced chicken/beef cooked with Thai basil and served with rice

Stir fried vegetables in fermented black bean sauce

Thai stir-fried rice noodles with prawns

With popcorn chicken

Tempura battered enoki mushroom with Nam Jim sauce

Young papaya and seafood salad

Prawns in tom yum soup

Stir fried seafood in spicy sauce

Chicken wings, garlic, chilli and basil with sticky rice

Stir fried bean curd with vegetables and cashew nuts

Stir-fried spicy flat noodles with seafood

Feels like homemade!

Chee Cheong Fun & Congee

Thin crépe roll filled with BBQ minced chicken

Thin crépe roll filled with prawns

Chicken porridge

It's a Sweet Date!


Traditional Thai dessert made with glutinous rice, fresh mango and coconut milk

Crispy pastry stuffed with lotus paste

Steamed Hainan bread served with coconut pandan custard

Cubes of water chestnut and jackfruit in coconut milk